Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be?

18 and up for tattoos, we do not tattoo anyone under 18.

We will pierce 16 and 17 with Parental consent.  However, we will not do Septum, nipple, or genital piercings on minors.   We will require both partys to have a valid id (drivers lisence, state personal ID card, passport, learners permit, and in the case of the minor, we can use a photo school ID with a birth certificate).  If there are any differences between the last name or addresses on the IDs, we will require a birth certificate as well.  Legal Guardians will have to bring their guardian paperwork as well.

Can you Pierce a minors earlobes?

Yes, we can pierce earlobes on minors.  We require a driver license or another form of government issued id from the parent, and the minor in question has to be able to verbally tell us that they want the piercing and understand that it will hurt.  If the child decides when they get the room that they no longer want a piercing, or does not want to continue after the first one, then we will stop.  Our customers comfort is important to us, and everyone deserves to have their wishes respected.  

Do you do Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do offer Gift Certificates!  And what great gifts they make!

All Gift Certificates are valid for one year after they are issued, and if the full amount is not used, a new gift certificate for the new balance will be issued.

Also, you are solely responsible for keeping the physical.  If you lose or do not use the Gift certificate, that is all on you.

What do you specialize in?

That depends on the artist.  I would look at their portfolios and find an artist who you like.  If none of our artist are suited for the work you want, we will recommend you to an artist and shop that is.  

What are the rates of your services?

Tattoos are either priced during the consultation or done at an hourly rate.
Our hourly rate is 100 to 150 dollars an hour depending on the artist.

My buddy will do it cheaper!

Great!  We are fans of capitalism up here, the American dream and all that.

Are you licensed ?

Yes, we are all licensed by Clark county, and our autoclaves are spore tested monthly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Can you get me in sooner, its just a small piece?
Will you stay late or come in early to tattoo me?

Sadly, we require time to draw up our appointments, eat, sleep, and be with our loved ones and family.  

Do I need to put a deposit down?

A tattoo deposit is paid after a consultation with an artist to begin work on a tattoo design, and to hold a tattoo appointment thereafter. The amount of the deposit is equal to roughly 30 minutes of the artist’s hourly rate. (Hourly rates vary by artist and currently range $100-$150 an hour) All tattoo deposits are non-refundable.

No Drawings or drafts are emailed or otherwise previewed to clients before their scheduled appointment time.

A deposit will also be forfeited in full in the case of:
You do not appear for a tattoo appointment
You cancel or reschedule an appointment without giving at least 48 hours’ notice
You reschedule an appointment within 48 hours more than twice
You arrive more than 30 minutes late to a tattoo appointment
You fail to reschedule a new appointment within 7 days of a cancelled appointment
You fail to reschedule an appointment within 7 days of being contacted with the phone number or email given
You arrive to a tattoo appointment without government-issued identification.

How do I set up an appointment?

For tattoos, you will want to go to the artist portfolio and use the form at the bottom to email them.  Each artist is responsible for setting up their own appointments.  To keep things organized, we do not set up appointments on social media or by phone.

For piercings, you will want to call the shop as close to noon as possible.  We will either get your name and number and have the piercer call you back to set up a time slot, or the piercer will set up a time with you at that moment.  

Can I bring a friend?

We try to keep the number of people in the studio as small as possible, so we would prefer if you come alone.  However, you may have one guest with you.  Be aware of who you are bringing, don't bring a socially stunted friend who talks non stop, smells, can't sit still, tries to one up everyone  or complains.